Data Accelerator Grant


Many of our partners tell us that they are unable to take full advantage of Cadasta’s tools for securing rights to their land and resources, due to lack of funding, equipment, staffing, or logistics. Under the Land Rights Challenge Fund, the Data Accelerator Grant will help current and new partners overcome data collection challenges and expand the impact of land and resource rights documentation for households and communities. Cadasta’s Data Accelerator Grants can be used to purchase equipment for data collection and to cover data collection staffing and logistics costs. The applicants proposed data collection activities must use Cadasta tools and match the scope of work in the organization’s existing Partner Agreement or MOU. The application for the Data Accelerator grant closed March 31, 2020. 


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Data Accelerator Grant Summary

Cadasta’s Data Accelerator Grant is designed to support our partners in overcoming small staffing and technology barriers to their data collection efforts using Cadasta’s tools.  

Eligibility: Existing Cadasta partners with a signed Partner Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place are eligible to apply for a Data Accelerator Grant. Entities not currently working with Cadasta and are legally registered or recognized non-governmental organizations are welcome to apply, but must go through our standard partnership process before a grant application may be considered.

Grant Amount: Up to 10,000 USD

Timeline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning November 4th, 2019 until all of the allotted grant funding is awarded. Applications closed March 31, 2020. 



Grantees must be a current Cadasta partner with a signed partnership agreement or MOU. New partners are able to submit a grant application, but are required to undergo Cadasta’s standard partnership agreement process for final selection. Check out the sample: Cadasta Partnership Agreement Template

Data Accelerator Grants are intended to benefit partners who display a financial need related to their data collection activities. This need must be apparent in the application statements, budget template, and cost explanations.


Applications for the Data Accelerator Grants will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning November 4th, 2019. The application for the Data Accelerator grant closed March 31, 2020. 

Once a grant is awarded, funds will be disbursed in two equal installments. The first disbursement will be made available on award, and the second disbursement will be issued once data collection activities can be verified as completed at the end of the project. Completion of data collection must occur within three months after the provision of any grantee training by Cadasta. In-person or virtual training on Cadasta’s technology tools will be provided to all Data Accelerator Grant awardees at no cost.


Selected grantees will:

  • Be responsible for the proper use of Cadasta funds;
  • Be fully responsible for implementing the project in accordance with the Grant Agreement and Scope of Work, as an attachment to an amended Partner Agreement;
  • Be responsible for using the funds only for the outputs specified in the Grant Agreement;
  • Provide timely financial reporting to Cadasta on the uses of the funds as specified by the Grant Agreement;
  • Provide timely reporting to Cadasta on project progress and impact (including details on challenges); 
  • Verify possession of equipment purchased and serial numbers annually through 2021;
  • Retain organizational possession of any equipment purchased and agree to use for purposes in line with the organizational mission even after data collection activities have concluded;
  • Provide communication materials on project implementation (including pictures, quotes, videos, success stories, lessons learned and other materials, as applicable);
  • Communicate with Cadasta on all significant matters relating to the project, such as changes in activities, budget, and timeline. This includes any emerging social and environmental risks and any adverse impacts resulting from implementation of project activities; and
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing activities so that other cities/countries might benefit from the project experiences.

Have more questions? See our Data Accelerator Grant FAQ.

The Land Rights Challenge Fund is available in partnership with Omidyar Network and UK Aid.